Added a guide to compile OpenNI2 for NVidia Jetson TK1

After a lot of tentatives and many failures, I finally compiled correctly the OpenNI2 library for the NVidia Jetson TK1 to make working the RGB-D sensor “Asus Xtion Pro Live”. In the following two pictures you can see the sensor connected to the Jetson TK1 and the tool NiViewer running.

The guide to compile the library is available in the Software section. The next step will be the integration in the ROS framework for obstacle detection and SLAM.

A big thank you to JetsonHack for the tutorial available on his blog about OpenNI2 for the “Structure Sensor“. It was essential for the completion of my tutorial.

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  1. Med nacer fendri

    how to make this robot with carte nvidia jetson tk1 ??
    I am an electrical engineering student and I want help .

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