MyzharBot is joining the uNav project by Officine Robotiche

MyzharBot has started the migration to a new software configuration. Everything started from the uNav project by Officine Robotiche.
Since MyzharBot is part of the new born italian amateur robotics group named “Officine Robotiche“, in the last few months we worked together to unify the software that drives the robots of the group to be able to collaborate more actively on our projects.

Logo Officine Robotiche

Logo Officine Robotiche

The starting point of this phase of unification is the board uNav, a project born in September 2014 and ready to face to the public. uNav is a small “navigation board” (4×4 cm) that provides full motor control functionality, plus simple navigation capabilities based on odometry information.
The great thing is that the RoboController, the board that drives the motors of MyzharBot is fully hardware compatible (with a few of pin swapping at software level) with uNav, so the migration step, performed by Raffaello Bonghi (one of the creator of the uNav) ad Mauro Soligo (the creator of the RoboController), was “easy” and almost costless.

What makes this step really interesting is that we can start working together on a common control software based on ROS… and this is the big step toward AUTONOMY.

This is the Github page of Officine Robotiche where you can find the source codes of the firmware for uNav and RoboController boards and the source code of the ROS nodes:

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