Ready for Maker Faire European Edition 2014

It’s been a while since the last post, but the work of MyzharBot has not stopped … I just had no time to write something on the site, busy at 100% writing C++ code for the migration to ROS.
At present the ROS node to control MyzharBot through RoboController board is ready (modbus driver using libmodbus), all the “services” for the configuration of the robot are ready and all the output messages to know its status are emitted (telemetry, odometry, ecc).
For the MakerFaire MyzharBot can therefore be controlled remotely via a distributed WiFi network, nothing more with respect to the work done with the old SDK based on Qt … but a work done in less than one month, against 2 years and more spent to project and to write the previous SDK. With these words I do not want to say that the entire work made in the last 2 years was unuseful, I first met Qt4 and then I learned to love Qt5, but the work done in this period was for pure computer science lovers, not for robotic ones… I love the Computer Science, but I love the Robotics even more!!!

The next steps will see the integration of the Asus Xtion Pro for the 3D vision and the connection to the iNemo Discovery-M1 for the information about the attitude. A lot of work will be done also with the RoboDiscovery-F4, another project in collaboration with Katodo

If you come to meet MyzharBot at the MakerFaire in Rome since 3rd to 6th of October, you will see me at work on these new phases, live.

MakerFaire……… MyzharBot is coming!!!

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