ROS packages renamed according to a new name convention

With other people from Officine Robotiche we decided a new convention for the name of the packages used by ROS. Since today, the name of every package related to ROS will have the prefix “ros_“.

In such a way it would be easiest to distinguish ROS packages from other generic softwares.

From Myzhar‘s Github:

  • depthsense_camera_ros -> ros_depthsense_camera
  • ST-iNemo_M1-IMU -> ros_inemo_m1_imu
  • myzharbot_robot_ros -> ros_myzharbot_robot

From Officine Robotiche‘s Github:

  • serial_bridge -> ros_serial_bridge
  • example_robot_ros -> ros_example_robot
  • robot_wandering_demo_ros -> ros_robot_wandering_demo
  • robot_teleoperation_ros -> ros_robot_teleoperation

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