New website section dedicated to ROS

ROS Indigo

Writing the documentation for the last configurations of MyzharBot I noticed that the information about ROS framework were growing too much.So since today you can find all the documentation to install, to configure and to use the ROS framework with MyzharBot in the section “MyzharBot & ROS” under “Software“.

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Asus Xtion Pro added to ROS on NVidia Jetson TK1

Asus Xtion Pro Live running under ROS

The guide to install OpenNI2 library on NVidia Jetson TK1 has been updated with the instruction to add the RGB-D sensor Asus Xtion Pro Live to the ROS framework. You can find the full guide in the software section. The next step will see the generation of the RGB Point…

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Added a guide to compile OpenNI2 for NVidia Jetson TK1

Asus Xtion Pro Live - NiViewer tool running on Jetson TK1

After a lot of tentatives and many failures, I finally compiled correctly the OpenNI2 library for the NVidia Jetson TK1 to make working the RGB-D sensor “Asus Xtion Pro Live”. In the following two pictures you can see the sensor connected to the Jetson TK1 and the tool NiViewer running. The…

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MyzharBot is joining the uNav project by Officine Robotiche


MyzharBot has started the migration to a new software configuration. Everything started from the uNav project by Officine Robotiche. Since MyzharBot is part of the new born italian amateur robotics group named “Officine Robotiche“, in the last few months we worked together to unify the software that drives the robots…

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ROS Node for iNemo-M1 Discovery almost done…

Discovery M1

The work for the iNemo Challenge is going on and the ROS node to acquire Inertial data from the iNemo-M1 sensor is almost ready. The serial protocol realized by ST to communicate with the board is really well done, but you need a lot of accuracy implementing the driver, to…

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New video about MyzharBot and ROS available


A new video about MyzharBot and ROS is available on YouTube. The video demonstrates how the robot can be remotely controlled using the brand new Keyboard Teleoperation node. The node can be used to move manually the robot or to suddenly take manual control when something goes wrong in autonomous…

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Ready for Maker Faire European Edition 2014

A couple of antennas for MyzharBot

It’s been a while since the last post, but the work of MyzharBot has not stopped … I just had no time to write something on the site, busy at 100% writing C++ code for the migration to ROS. At present the ROS node to control MyzharBot through RoboController board is ready (modbus driver using…

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