About MyzharBot

MyzharBot is an open source and open hardware robotic platform. I’m working on it since a few years and now it is ready to move its first steps.

Almost ready

Almost ready

I started working on MyzharBot when I left the “E. Piaggio” Bioengineering and Robotics Research Center after 6 months as researcher, after my thesis degree.
MyzharBot is my way to continue to work on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence even if I am working in other fields to “bring bread at home”.

With MyzharBot I want to realize a robotics tracked platform capable of performing every task that comes on my mind, with high focus on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Actually I do not work on MyzharBot by myself. I knew a few people that love robotics as much as I do and we are working on our one robotics platform joining our experience and knowledges. We have a common low level electronic platform and we contribute to the development of its firmware and to the High Level SDK, based on the framework Qt5 and on the Robotics Operating System (ROS).

MyzharBot on the taiwanese TV

MyzharBot on the taiwanese TV

Since 2016 MyzharBot is part of the patrol of robots of the RoboSec team, aiming to develop robots to perform autonomous surveillance tasks in indoor and outdoor environments.

GTC 2016 Nvidia's booth

GTC 2016 Nvidia’s booth

Who am I? My name is Walter Lucetti, Myzhar on the net, and you can find more about me on my blog.

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