[Video] Testing the new uNavSB H-Bridge board for uNav Motor Controller


The motors that move MyzharBot are really powerful, really too much powerful for the motor drivers mounted on the little uBridge shield used originally by the amazing uNav Motor Control board made by Officine Robotiche. For this reason Mauro Soligo (under a “very little” pressure) realized the new uNavSB carrier board that uses the…

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Officine Robotiche 2015 is ready to start…

Tomorrow, 23rd May 2015, at 10 a.m. the second edition of the robotics meeting organized by Officine Robotiche is going to start. MyzharBot will be exposed like in the first edition, but this year it will wander around the legs of the expected 300 visitors.

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PID Tuner v0.1 is available

Pid Tuner v0.1

The release 0.1 ff the PID Tuner is finally available on Github: Software to tune the PID control on the uNav board https://github.com/officinerobotiche/uNav_PID_Tuner 0 forks. 5 stars. 7 open issues. Recent commits: Update README.md, Roberto D'Amico uNav parameters setting completed *EVERYTHING TO BE TESTED!!!, Myzhar Added missing files, Myzhar Modification…

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MyzharBot is joining the uNav project by Officine Robotiche


MyzharBot has started the migration to a new software configuration. Everything started from the uNav project by Officine Robotiche. Since MyzharBot is part of the new born italian amateur robotics group named “Officine Robotiche“, in the last few months we worked together to unify the software that drives the robots…

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