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The “ros_orbus_interface” package is used to interface ROS environment with motor control boards based on “Officine Robotiche”‘s protocol, such as the uNav and the RoboController.

Information about the motor control boards are available on the official wiki of the uNav.

Source code

The source code is written in collaboration with Raffaello Bonghi, a member of the group “Officine Robotiche” and it is fully available on Github:


The installation of the package is quite simple:

  1. Goto ROS workspace directory:
    $ cd ~/catkin_ws/src
  2. Clone the repository:
    $ git clone
  3. Update the submodules:
    $ cd ros_orbus_interface
    $ git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. Back to the main directory of the workspace:
    $ cd ~/catkin_ws
  5.  Compile:
    $ catkin_make


To use the new nodes you should install the package “ros_myzharbot_robot“, or the package “ros_example_robot” (if you are making your own robot) that contain the “launchers” to correctly configure all the parameters of the nodes.

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