ROS: MyzharBot Virtual model and Asus Xtion Pro Live

MyzharBot model and RGB-D

I finally added Asus Xtion Pro Live to the virtual model of MyzharBot (not yet fully complete) in Rviz GUI. The result is the following To obtain this result you must run the following commands, every one in a different terminal: $ roslaunch ros_myzharbot_robot myzharbot.launch runs the “serial_bridge” node to…

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New video: Teleoperation using ROS, Rviz and Interactive Marker Twist Server

Rviz & Interactive Marker Twist Server

In this new video a demonstration of the teleoperation of MyzharBot using the “Interactive Marner Twist Server“, an amazing Rviz tool that allows to send Twist (linear and angular speeds) messages to the “serial_bridge” node  simply dragging a circular marker. The final effect is really good and driving the robot is…

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Asus Xtion Pro Live – 3D RGB-D and 2D laserscan simulation

RGB PointCloud + 2D LaserScan

A short post to show the potentiality of the Asus Xtion Pro Live used in the ROS framework. First of all an image of the full RGB-D power: 3D pointcloud with RGB information in Rviz In the middle of the 3D pointcloud you can see the simulation of the 2D laserscan…

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