MyzharBot v4 – A hard lesson to learn…

MyzharBot v4 should have been a totally new evolution of the 3rd version.

Big enhancements were planned:

  • Fully closed plastic chassis
  • Stereo Vision for outdoor autonomous navigation using the brand new Stereolabs ZED
  • Nvidia Jetson TX1 as powerful brain
  • Ultrasonic sensors to “see” obstacles invisible to computer vision
  • New agressive rubber tracks
  • lot more…

but a lot of unplanned issues came and the project finally stalled.

The main problem has been the power requested to keep the new rubber tracks in action, it has been totally underestimated and the robot was making a big effort to move and rotate, causing the motor driver to overheat and to stop suddenly after a few minutes of operation.

A lot of little big changes have been made to reduce the frictions and to enhance the transmissions, and the operating time has been improved little by little, but there was a basic problem in the project and finally it has been abandoned because of the frustration.

Despite all of this MyzharBot v4 was hosted by Nvidia at GTC 2016 conference in San Jose and participated to MakerFaire 2016 and 2017 in Rome showing all its potentiality, ready to be transformed in the new MyzharBot v5.


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