Power Distribution Board v1.0

The “Power Distribution” is the electronic board that takes the battery power as input and distributes it to the various modules of the robot. The components of the board are sized to be connected to the Lipo 4S 30C battery and is protected by power inversion and by power spikes thanks to an automotive 15A fuse and a 1.5KE18A Transil. The power is filtered by a 3rd order Pi Filter in order to decouple the powering of the motors by the powering of the logic modules.

The PCB of the board is made on two layers, the top layer is the power distribution plane, the bottom layer is the ground plane and soldering plane.

The circuit is not too much complicated, but the PCB has been studied such to decrease any potential rising of the temperature and to eliminate potential noises.

The CLC filter is designed to support continously assorbtions up to 10A, enough to connect the logic modules that are mounted on MyzharBot.

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Follows a preview of the schematic and of the PCB

Bill of Materials

Qty Part Value Device Link
2 C1, C4 0.1uF 35V CPOL-USE7.5-16 RS 547-2876
2 C2, C3 1000uF 63V CPOL-USE7.5-16 RS 315-1038
5 C5, C6, C7, C8, C9 100nF C-EU050-024X044 RS 538-1203
1 FUSE 15A FUSE_CAR Katodo 10.4540.0006-002
1 FUSE_HOLDER FUSE_HOLDER Katodo 10.4540.0001-010
9 J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J9 MTA02-156 Katodo 10.8060.0008-010
1 L1 47uH 9.6A COILCRAFT_INDUCTOR_47UH CoilCraft PCV-2-473-10L
1 LED1 GREEN LED5MM Katodo 10.3050.0016-020
1 R1 1K R-EU_0207/2V RS 148-506
1 U$1 TRANSIL1.5KE18A TRANSIL1.5KE18A RS 637-8359

Following the diagram of the power connection for all the components of MyzharBot:

Diagram of the power connections

Diagram of the power connections



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