The dawn of the new Jetson… Nvidia Jetson TX2 has come

Nvidia Jetson TX2

Well, it’s been a while since I published the latest news about MyzharBot project, what’s better than starting again from a really big news? Nvidia has presented the new Jetson module, Nvidia Jetson TX2 and it’s ready to get on board of MyzharBot

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Nvidia Jetson TX1 as Access Point and a guide to configure ROS-OpenCV for Jetsons


Making the final preparations for the participation of MyzharBot-v4 at the next conference GTC 2016 by Nvidia (San Jose, California, APRIL 4-7, 2016), I realized that it would be very helpful to have two guides for the realization of two basic operations for using the Nvidia Jetson TX1 on a…

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The works on RGB-D goes on

Asus XTion Pro Live, test application

The works on Asus XTion Pro Live goes on. The grabber has been added to SDK even it is still in embrional phase. On Github you can find the test application (Test-AsusXTionProLive-OpenNI2) made in Qt5 and tested under Windows 8.1. The application tests the acquisition of the data from the…

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Video Server using Multicast is finally working

Multicast test

Finally, the Video Server is working using Multicast UDP protocol. There is no more limit to the number of clients that can connect to server, each client must only start binding to the correct port and can start to receive the frames asyncronously. I tested the code of the SDK…

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SDK modification in progress…


Before of moving the servers of the robot on the NVidia Jetson TK1 I decided that it is the time to modify the Network Architecture of the HLU. The main modification is on Camera Server and Status Server… until now they were polling servers and each client should be connected directly…

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MyzharBot now has full CUDA power: NVidia Jetson TK1 is here

NVidia Jetson TK1

Computer Vision needs full computational power to run real time algorithms for robotics application… now MyzharBot has got it: NVidia Jetson TK1 has arrived. The new brain is powered by a Tegra K1 SOC (4-Plus-1 quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU at 2.3 Ghz + Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA cores) the most…

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MyzharBot has got an eye… RobotGUI has got video!

VideoServer Test

Finally RoboControllerSDK has got Webcam Server and Webcam Client modules… using the Qt/OpenCV OpenGL widget, fully described on my personal blog, now RobotGUI is capable of showing the videostream coming from a webcam assembled on MyzharBot. The images are sent after a JPEG compression, as described in another page on…

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