The works on RGB-D goes on

The works on Asus XTion Pro Live goes on. The grabber has been added to SDK even it is still in embrional phase. On Github you can find the test application (Test-AsusXTionProLive-OpenNI2) made in Qt5 and tested under Windows 8.1. The application tests the acquisition of the data from the sensor using OpenNI2 library in its latest beta version by Occipital.

The application is divided in four quadrants: on the top left you will see the RGB stream, the related depth map is visible on the top right (each gray level corresponds to a depth value, white is the farest point, black the nearest point); on the bottom left you can see the 2D map extracted from the central plane of the depth map, the map is the result of the mean of the three central lines of the depth map, as shown by the red line on the RGB image. Finally on the bottom right you can see the log of the information about the sensor connected to the system.
The RGB and the Depth stream are visualized in two OpenCV scene available in the repository since a few months, while the scene showing the 2D map is a fully new widget under development.

On the 2D map you can see two circular areas. The yellow area represents the warning distance, while the red area is the danger distance, useful for robot navigation.

Asus XTion Pro Live, test application

Asus XTion Pro Live, test application

Before the end of august the grabber will be ported on the NVidia Jetson TK1 and the robot will perform its first autonomous tasks, wandering helped by obstacle detection.

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