Ready for Maker Faire European Edition 2014

A couple of antennas for MyzharBot

It’s been a while since the last post, but the work of MyzharBot has not stopped … I just had no time to write something on the site, busy at 100% writing C++ code for the migration to ROS. At present the ROS node to control MyzharBot through RoboController board is ready (modbus driver using…

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You can officially meet MyzharBot at European Maker Faire in October!


It’s official: MyzharBot will be present at European Maker Faire in Rome since 3rd to 5th October. MyzharBot will not be alone, it will be accompanied by many of the other robots from “Officine Robotiche” that already have accompanied him to the event “Officine Robotiche 2014“. From Maker Faire website: The Maker…

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