MyzharBot v5 – A fully new project

This page/section will keep track of all the steps that will bring to the creation of version 5 of the MyzharBot robot.

This new version will not be an evolution, but a fully new project.

MyzharBot v5 will have two rubber tracks again, but the structure will not be triangular anymore, but linear, with two big sprockets with a diameter of 150mm. This new configuration will reduce the efforts of the motors and the vibrations generated by the teeth of the rubber tracks

The previous MyzharBot v4 had a lot of traction problems, the power required by the tracks has been badly underestimated and there were a lot of issues with the motors and with the motor driver.

The new project is going to start from a few fixed starting points:


The mechanics of the robot is currently under development. I’m using the online 3D CAD OnShape and it is fully available on the web.

You can follow the evolution of the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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