MyzharBot v5 – A fully new project

This page/section will keep track of all the steps that will bring to the creation of the version 5 of the MyzharBot robot.

This new version will not be an evolution, but a fully new project.

MyzharBot v5 will have two rubber tracks again, but it will be powered by two BLDC motors instead of DC motors.

The previous MyzharBot v4 had a lot of traction problems, the power required by the tracks has been badly underestimated and there were a lot of issues with the motors and with the motor driver.

The new project is going to start from a few fixed starting points:

Odrive v3.4 full kit

Odrive v3.4 full kit

The first step to be faced will be the study of the better configuration for the mechanical connections between the new motors and the sprockets of the rubber tracks to reduce the frictions, maximizing torque at reasonable speed for a tracked robot. There will not be a direct connection between the shaft of the motor and the actuated sprocket, but a belt reduction will be introduced, in this way if more power is requested a “simple” reduction ratio changing will be enough to solve the problem.
3D printing will be used to make the prototypical parts, then the final configuration will be replicated in aluminium to obtain a robust full metal main structure.

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