The new chassis has arrived… MyzharBot v3.1 is coming

MyzharBot v3.1 chassis disassembled

Yesterday evening I received the pack from Vectorealism with the new lasercut pieces of the chassis for MyzharBot v3.1. As test I chose wood as material, but it is perfect and I am ready to realize the plastic chassis. Following a few raw photos of the materials A video with the…

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New basis and selfmade spacers for the tracks of MyzharBot v3.1

MyzharBot v3.1 without tracks

After a lot of searching on the web I realized that using 2.5″ M3 tapped spacers to keep the basis of the tracks separated at the right distance is not as easy as it seemed. Spacers long 2.5″ are not easy to be found and what I found is not…

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