[Tutorial CUDA] Nvidia GPU: CUDA Compute Capability

When you are compiling CUDA code for Nvidia GPUs it’s important to know which is the Compute Capability of the GPU that you are going to use. How many times you got the error

nvcc fatal : Unsupported gpu architecture ‘compute_XX’

and you do not know how to correctly solve it.

The solution is relatively simple, you must add the correct FLAG to “nvcc” call:

-gencode arch=compute_XX,code=[sm_XX,compute_XX]

where “XX” is the Compute Capability of the Nvidia GPU board that you are going to use.

Now you need to know the correct value to replace “XX“, Nvidia helps us with the useful “CUDA GPUs” webpage.

For example, if your GPU is an Nvidia Titan Xp, you know that it is a “GeForce product“, you search for it in the right table and you find that its Compute Capability is 6.1, so the correct FLAG to use in the compiler is

-gencode arch=compute_61,code=[sm_61,compute_61]

if you are instead an embedded developer and you are a lucky owner of an Nvidia Jetson TX2, you must search in “TEGRA/Jetson products” and you will find that the Compute Capability of the TX2 is 6.2, so you need to use this configuration:

-gencode arch=compute_62,code=[sm_62,compute_62]


If you are compiling software that will run on different machines and you do not know exactly which GPU is installed on them, you can generate an application that supports more than one Nvidia GPU technology:

ARCH= -gencode arch=compute_30,code=[sm_30,compute_30] \
      -gencode arch=compute_35,code=[sm_35,compute_35] \
      -gencode arch=compute_50,code=[sm_50,compute_50] \
      -gencode arch=compute_52,code=[sm_52,compute_52] \
      -gencode arch=compute_61,code=[sm_61,compute_61]

nvcc $(ARCH) [other nvcc options]

Following a list of the compute capabilities for the most common GPUs:


Jetson Products

GPUCompute Capability
Jetson AGX Xavier7.2
Jetson Nano5.3
Jetson TX26.2
Jetson TX15.3
Tegra X15.3

Tesla Workstation Products

GPUCompute Capability
Tesla K803.7
Tesla K403.5
Tesla K203.5
Tesla C20752.0
Tesla C2050/C20702.0

Tesla NVIDIA Data Center Products

GPUCompute Capability
NVIDIA A1008.0
NVIDIA V1007.0
Tesla P1006.0
Tesla P406.1
Tesla P46.1
Tesla M605.2
Tesla M405.2
Tesla K803.7
Tesla K403.5
Tesla K203.5
Tesla K103.0

Quadro Desktop Products

GPUCompute Capability
Quadro RTX 80007.5
Quadro RTX 60007.5
Quadro RTX 50007.5
Quadro RTX 40007.5
Quadro GV1007.0
Quadro GP1006.0
Quadro P60006.1
Quadro P50006.1
Quadro P40006.1
Quadro P22006.1
Quadro P20006.1
Quadro P10006.1
Quadro P6206.1
Quadro P6006.1
Quadro P4006.1
Quadro M6000 24GB5.2
Quadro M60005.2
Quadro K60003.5
Quadro M50005.2
Quadro K52003.5
Quadro K50003.0
Quadro M40005.2
Quadro K42003.0
Quadro K40003.0
Quadro M20005.2
Quadro K22003.0
Quadro K20003.0
Quadro K2000D3.0
Quadro K12005.0
Quadro K6205.0
Quadro K6003.0
Quadro K4203.0
Quadro 4103.0
Quadro Plex 70002.0

Quadro Mobile Products

GPUCompute Capability
RTX 50007.5
RTX 40007.5
RTX 30007.5
Quadro P52006.1
Quadro P42006.1
Quadro P32006.1
Quadro P50006.1
Quadro P40006.1
Quadro P30006.1
Quadro P20006.1
Quadro P10006.1
Quadro P6006.1
Quadro P5006.1
Quadro M5500M5.2
Quadro M22005.2
Quadro M12005.0
Quadro M6205.2
Quadro M5205.0
Quadro K6000M3.0
Quadro K5200M3.0
Quadro K5100M3.0
Quadro M5000M5.0
Quadro K500M3.0
Quadro K4200M3.0
Quadro K4100M3.0
Quadro M4000M5.0
Quadro K3100M3.0
Quadro M3000M5.0
Quadro K2200M3.0
Quadro K2100M3.0
Quadro M2000M5.0
Quadro K1100M3.0
Quadro M1000M5.0
Quadro K620M5.0
Quadro K610M3.5
Quadro M600M5.0
Quadro K510M3.5
Quadro M500M5.0

NVS Desktop Products

GPUCompute Capability

NVS Mobile Products

GPUCompute Capability
NVS 5400M2.1
NVS 5200M2.1
NVS 4200M2.1

GeForce and TITAN Products

GPUCompute Capability
GeForce RTX 30908.6
GeForce RTX 30808.6
GeForce RTX 30708.6
Geforce RTX 2080 Ti7.5
Geforce RTX 20807.5
Geforce RTX 20707.5
Geforce RTX 20607.5
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti6.1
GeForce GTX 10806.1
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti6.1
GeForce GTX 10706.1
GeForce GTX 10606.1
GeForce GTX 10506.1
GeForce GTX TITAN X5.2
GeForce GTX TITAN Z3.5
GeForce GTX TITAN Black3.5
GeForce GTX TITAN3.5
GeForce GTX 980 Ti5.2
GeForce GTX 9805.2
GeForce GTX 9705.2
GeForce GTX 9605.2
GeForce GTX 9505.2
GeForce GTX 780 Ti3.5
GeForce GTX 7803.5
GeForce GTX 7703.0
GeForce GTX 7603.0
GeForce GTX 750 Ti5.0
GeForce GTX 7505.0
GeForce GTX 6903.0
GeForce GTX 6803.0
GeForce GTX 6703.0
GeForce GTX 660 Ti3.0
GeForce GTX 6603.0
GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST3.0
GeForce GTX 650 Ti3.0
GeForce GTX 6503.0
GeForce GTX 560 Ti2.1
GeForce GTX 550 Ti2.1
GeForce GTX 4602.1
GeForce GTS 4502.1
GeForce GTS 450*2.1
GeForce GTX 5902.0
GeForce GTX 5802.0
GeForce GTX 5702.0
GeForce GTX 4802.0
GeForce GTX 4702.0
GeForce GTX 4652.0
GeForce GT 7403.0
GeForce GT 7303.5
GeForce GT 730 DDR3,128bit2.1
GeForce GT 7203.5
GeForce GT 705*3.5
GeForce GT 640 (GDDR5)3.5
GeForce GT 640 (GDDR3)2.1
GeForce GT 6302.1
GeForce GT 6202.1
GeForce GT 6102.1
GeForce GT 5202.1
GeForce GT 4402.1
GeForce GT 440*2.1
GeForce GT 4302.1
GeForce GT 430*2.1

GeForce Notebook Products

GPUCompute Capability
Geforce RTX 20807.5
Geforce RTX 20707.5
Geforce RTX 20607.5
GeForce GTX 10806.1
GeForce GTX 10706.1
GeForce GTX 10606.1
GeForce GTX 9805.2
GeForce GTX 980M5.2
GeForce GTX 970M5.2
GeForce GTX 965M5.2
GeForce GTX 960M5.0
GeForce GTX 950M5.0
GeForce 940M5.0
GeForce 930M5.0
GeForce 920M3.5
GeForce 910M5.2
GeForce GTX 880M3.0
GeForce GTX 870M3.0
GeForce GTX 860M3.0/5.0
GeForce GTX 850M5.0
GeForce 840M5.0
GeForce 830M5.0
GeForce 820M2.1
GeForce 800M2.1
GeForce GTX 780M3.0
GeForce GTX 770M3.0
GeForce GTX 765M3.0
GeForce GTX 760M3.0
GeForce GTX 680MX3.0
GeForce GTX 680M3.0
GeForce GTX 675MX3.0
GeForce GTX 675M2.1
GeForce GTX 670MX3.0
GeForce GTX 670M2.1
GeForce GTX 660M3.0
GeForce GT 755M3.0
GeForce GT 750M3.0
GeForce GT 650M3.0
GeForce GT 745M3.0
GeForce GT 645M3.0
GeForce GT 740M3.0
GeForce GT 730M3.0
GeForce GT 640M3.0
GeForce GT 640M LE3.0
GeForce GT 735M3.0
GeForce GT 635M2.1
GeForce GT 730M3.0
GeForce GT 630M2.1
GeForce GT 625M2.1
GeForce GT 720M2.1
GeForce GT 620M2.1
GeForce 710M2.1
GeForce 705M2.1
GeForce 610M2.1
GeForce GTX 580M2.1
GeForce GTX 570M2.1
GeForce GTX 560M2.1
GeForce GT 555M2.1
GeForce GT 550M2.1
GeForce GT 540M2.1
GeForce GT 525M2.1
GeForce GT 520MX2.1
GeForce GT 520M2.1
GeForce GTX 485M2.1
GeForce GTX 470M2.1
GeForce GTX 460M2.1
GeForce GT 445M2.1
GeForce GT 435M2.1
GeForce GT 420M2.1
GeForce GT 415M2.1
GeForce GTX 480M2.0
GeForce 710M2.1
GeForce 410M2.1

[Source] Nvidia Developer – Last update: January 19th, 2021

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