MyzharBot v3.1.1 – Make the chassis by laser cutting service

The chassis of MyzharBot is realized by a laser cutting service. I tested two materials: beech plywood (MyzharBot v2) and acrylic plastic (MyzharBot v1).
Both the materials are good, but wood is not fine for humid environments… naturally.
MyzharBot v1 had a chassis 3mm thick, the chassis of MyzharBot v2 was 4mm thick… MyzharBot v3 has a chassis 5mm thick, more and more robust!
You can find a complete description of the chassis in the Mechanics section of the site.

I tested two online services: Ponoko and Vectorealism.

Ponoko is an American service that has a site also in New Zealand and collaborates with worldwide services: Formulor in Germany, Razor Lab in United Kingdom and finally Vectorealism in Italy.

I met Vectorealism through Ponoko and now I create my works directly by the italian service to speed up the prototyping process, but the files available for download at the bottom of this page are good for every services related to Ponoko .
Hence, if you want to use them to realize your chassis, feel free to choose the best for your town.

MyzharBot v3.x will be not really different from the latest v2 (photo gallery of the assembly phase), there will be only a few modifications to allow a better placing of electronics boards and sensors.

The new v3.1.1 has three new spacers that will allow to the basis of the tracks to stay separated at the right distance and even more robust.
Look at this post of the blog for more information about the modifications.

The project of the chassis is directly available for Ponoko’s users following this link, you can order it through Ponoko and let it choose the best service nearest to your home.

If you want you can download the “svg” files below and send them to the service that you prefer. In this case, remember that the drawings have been made for a 5 mm thick material. If you select a different thickness, the joints will not match.


  • Single track bases (you must realize two copies of the components, for a total of 4 bases and 6 spacers): [wpfilebase tag=file id=5 /]
  • Robot basis (only one copy needed, 2 bases and 3 spacers):  [wpfilebase tag=file id=4 /]

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