ROS – Solving the annoying “Permission denied” on “gvfs” when error while crawling packages

When you want to start a node under ROS it is common to perform the following operations:

  • Open a terminal
  • Run
  • Open another terminal
  • Start writing …
    rosrun ros-indigo-
  •  … and now press “Tab” to crawl all the possible packages

This is the moment when you get the annoying error about “permission denied” accessing to “/home/user/.gvfs”, as shown in the following picture

Error accessing gvfs

Error accessing gvfs

The solution is really simple:

  • Open a new terminal with “Ctrl+Alt+t”
  • Enter the following commands:
    $ sudo umount /home/useraccount/.gvfs
    $ sudo rm -rf .gvfs/

    replacing “useraccount” with your account name (i.e. ubuntu for the default Jetson TK1 installation)

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