MyzharBot v3.1: Chassis and Tracks

The chassis is realized by a lasercut service and can be in wood or plastic. The first version of the chassis was 3 mm thick, then 4 mm thick and now the v3.1 is 5 mm. Why? The more the thickness, the more the robustness.

Main bases

The main structure of the chassis of MyzharBot v3.1 is composed by two main horizontal bases.

The bases are separated by three spacers which fit in special slots as illustrated.

The top base has a big hole to fit the motor encoder and to let the cable to be connected to the electronics suited on the bottom base. There are also two lateral rectangular holes, they are needed to let to the sprocket on the axis of the motor to rotate freely.

On the sides of the bases are made special cuts that make it possible to constrain the horizontal structure to the basics of the vertical support to the tracks.

These cuts are composed of a long rectangular shape perpendicularly interrupted by two shorter ones. The longer rectangle receives a M3 bolt, in the perpendicular cuts you insert one or two M3 nuts so at to completely fix the structure.

The two horizontal bases are also designed to fit completely inside the track structure to add robustness to complete system.

Track bases

The tracks of the robot are suited on two “triangular” structures composed by two vertical bases spaced by three lasercut spacers.

The inner bases works as motor support and are designed to suite a Micro Motors  model e192-12-18, that control the main sprocket of the tracks (the smallest)

Both the bases has two holes that support the structures of the bottom axis of the triangular structure of the tracks. The holes fit the flanged gearings of the axis.

The bottom axis support the bigger sprocket that trasmit the motor power to the soil by the tracks.

The two basis are separated by three lasercut spacers studied as to give more robustness to the whole structure. The three spacers are provided with protrusions to get caught in external bases and mounting structures similar to those described for the main horizontal bases.

The tracks are composed of 30 single modules jointed togheter and suited on the three couples of sprockets. Each module is large 3” (76.2 mm).

Full assembly

As told the main basis are designed to fit completely inside the track basis.

And the full structure can be made more robust using four aluminium bars.

Finally everything can be assembled together to have a complete MyzharBot v3.1.
The size? Length: 42 cm, Width: 36.5 cm Height: 16 cm
The weight? More than 2 Kg

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