SDK modification in progress…

Before of moving the servers of the robot on the NVidia Jetson TK1 I decided that it is the time to modify the Network Architecture of the HLU.

The main modification is on Camera Server and Status Server… until now they were polling servers and each client should be connected directly to its own server requesting the video frames and the variables composing the telemetry according to well estabilished times.
Now the Camera Server and the Status Server sends their information over UDP in multicast. Clients must only join the correct multicast group and start to receive the data every time they are available.
According to this new configuration a new data structure “Telemetry” has born, it contains the tangential speed of each wheel (sprocket), the relative PWM value, the relative RPM and finally the battery charge value.

This new structure will improve the communication speed requesting less resource and less bandwidth.

As always all the code is based on Qt5 framework.

Stay tuned to be updated about the progress of the work…

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