ROS: MyzharBot Virtual model and Asus Xtion Pro Live

I finally added Asus Xtion Pro Live to the virtual model of MyzharBot (not yet fully complete) in Rviz GUI.

The result is the following

MyzharBot model and RGB-D

MyzharBot model and RGB-D

To obtain this result you must run the following commands, every one in a different terminal:

  • $ roslaunch ros_myzharbot_robot myzharbot.launch
    runs the “serial_bridge” node to control MyzharBot and loads the parameters and the URDF descriptor
  • $ roslaunch ros_myzharbot_robot myzharbot_rviz.launch
    opens Rviz visualizer configured to show the virtual MyzharBot and the RGB-D 3D scan and runs the Interactive Marker Twist Server

Naturally the 3D scan is relative to the position of the robot… if the robot moves the 3D scan is updated according to new data… 3D mapping is really near now…

The repositories that contain every file is the usual:

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