MyzharBot at GTC2015 thanks to Nvidia

Since december 2014 I started a good collaboration with the “NVIDIA Embedded Computing” team to unlock the full potential of Myzharbot. Nvidia is supporting my robotic project with technical guidance, hardware and software support.


Nvidia Logo

MyzharBot is now being promoted at official Nvidia events and conference shows and it will be at GTC2015 in Santa Clara, California, next March 17-20, 2015.

GTC is the biggest GPU Technology Conference. Thanks to Nvidia I will have the possibility to meet the major GPU experts and acquire more and more experience in this field. This experience will be useful to give to MyzharBot more and more capabilities… I can not wait to put into practice all the novelties presented at GTC.

MyzharBot will not be alone in Santa Clara, it will be accompanied by the new robotic project (XRobotB its temporary name) made by Raffaello Bonghi… yes, two people from Officine Robotiche will go to California to speak about how NVidia Jetson TK1 can be used for robotics application with ROS and OpenCV, it will be a great satisfaction!

MyzharBot and XRobotB are powered by the same electronics  and by the same software running on the powerful NVidia Jetson TK1. They have different mechanics and they are a working example about how different mobile robots can share the same software if well written and well parameterized…

Stay tuned for the latest news

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