RoboController v2 board is on Technofunding

RoboController board is on the crowdfunding platform Technofunding

The RoboController is a board designed to perform the function of advanced motor control in all those applications where you need a RealTime control of two DC motors with encoder feedback and the capabilities of communication with a control unit which can be higher than a personal computer.

The heart of this product is the dsPic33FJ128MC804, a highly evolved part of the dsPIC microcontroller family for the “Motor Control” specifically designed for this type of application.

Taking full advantage of the features of this microcontroller has been designed a very advanced form meant to be reliable and ensure the correct functioning even in professional use.

The board is the core of the Low Level Unit of MyzharBot and it is almost ready, we want to begin to make it in series for your own robots, so we need your help 🙂

For more information visit the Technofunding site.

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