A new born… why the the new “myzhar.com” domain

On 18th January 2018 the two websites “www.robot-home.it” and “myzharbot.robot-home.it” fused into the new single website “www.myzhar.com” in a new domain.

Why did I make this choise? The reply is simple: on 12nd January 2018 the domain “robot-home.it” has expired and the italian maintainer, despite the renewal payment made on 29 November 2017, has not yet reactivated it.

So after a week of “dark” made of tens of emails and phone calls without a reply I decided to open “www.myzhar.com” with another maintainer and to fuse my two websites into one.

The new website inherits the layout of “myzharbot.robot-home.it” (thank you backup!!!) and soon all the tutorials that were available on “www.robot-home.it” will be migrated in an specific new section of “www.myzhar.com”.

So after 12 years “robot-home.it” has died and “myzhar.com” is the new born…

Stay tuned and thank you for your patience

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