Working on the ROS driver for the StereoLabs ZED camera running on Nvidia Jetson TK1

MyzharBot v3 is closed in a box ready to leave Italy for a trip that I will describe in the near future…
MyzharBot v4 is almost ready to move its first steps… but I’m not yet convinced about the central closed structure that will contain all the electronic boards…

So it’s time to write a few of lines of code to integrate the AMAZING StereoLabs ZED 3D camera into the ROS framework to work on the Nvidia Jetson TK1.

The ZED driver is at its really beginning phase, but it will not be really different from the driver I wrote (and I must complete!!!) for the Softkinetic DepthSense DS325 sensor.
The development of both the drivers will go on side by side, since the two sensor will be mounted on MyzharBot v4. The DS325 works really well for distance nearest than 1 meter, ZED camera has been designed for distances farest than 1 meter… so if 1+1=2 the result cannot be wrong!

Stay tuned for the latest news… and follow the development on Github, you can collaborate if you are interested on this work:

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