A talk about MyzharBot at RoboBusiness 2015 in Milan

The 30th of April, MyzharBot will be present at RoboBusiness 2015 with a talk in the session “ROBOTICS ENABLING TECHNOLOGY, PLATFORMS AND STANDARDS”.
In my talk I will speak about the starting of the project, its evolution, its current state and its future.

RoboBusiness 2015

RoboBusiness 2015

The talk will have the title “MyzharBot – ROS powered maker robotic platform” and this is the abstract:

Is it possible to perform research in robotics outside University or Industry in Italy?
MyzharBot is a robotic project born to study algorithms for autonomous navigation based on Computer Vision and 3D perception. The talk starts from the origins and the motivation of the project, reporting its evolution in the years and finally speaking about how the ROS framework has boosted its development in the last months, leading it to the apex with the invitation by Nvidia to partecipate to the GTC2015 conference for demonstrating the capabilities of the Nvidia Jetson TK1 embedded board applied to autonomous mobile robotic.

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