Latest news… the project is going on

It’s been a lot since latest post… the project has not stopped, but the time is missing, so blog update is confined into limited time slots.

Who follows the news on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube knows that also this year MyzharBot was demoing in the Nvidia’s booth at GTC 2016 conference in the beginning of April to illustrate the elaboration power of the amazing Nvidia Jetson TX1 applied to mobile robotics. It was a really tiring week, but it was a pleasure to see how such a “simple” project can attract a lot of GPU geniuses.

After GTC 2016, the next event in the timeline is Officine Robotiche 2016. MyzharBot will be exposed in Rome the next 21st and 22nd May and it will be very different from the version presented at GTC.

During GTC the tracks have shown a lot of limitations due to a bad design of the “toothed sprocket” that transmits the power from motors to rubber tracks. The high friction between the teeth of the sprocket and the teeth of the track causes a lot of waste of power and the robot has a lot of problems turning on the place with a few kind of surfaces.

So I decided to design two new sprockets and to make them by 3D printing… in the next days the new track will be ready. This is the 3D rendering:

New track structure

New track structure

And these are the new sprockets:

I also decided to use a bunch of other bearings to remove any other possible cause of frictions… a lot of new tests are yet to come.

When MyzharBot-v4 reaches a good stability, I will publish the project of the new chassis and the new part list… I started using Actobotics components since there is now an italian importer: Steplab… really good components!

Despite all the problems listed above, MyzharBot-v4 works … and it works finally outdoor, as you can see from the new videos available on YouTube … of course it’s totally autonomous, MyzharBot is a robot, not a radio-controlled toy car 😉



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