MyzharBot at Officine Robotiche 2014 in Rome

The past Saturday, 12 and Sunday, 13 April in Rome there was the first edition of “Officine Robotiche”, a robotics event organized by a small group of people who love robots and do not work in robotics (with some exceptions).

Robotics people in Rome

Robotics people in Rome

I was present at the event with MyzharBot and a lot of other robots. It was a great event, because it was not organized by professionals, but by amateurs and was a complete success in visitors.

Saturday there were several workshops, we started from the history of amateur robotics in Italy, to get to talk to Computer Vision, OpenCV and ROS framework.

On Sunday the robots participating in the event were exhibits for visitors and were held short mini-sumo competitions for children aged 5 to 12 years.

It was an honor to participate in this event, in the hope that recur often in the months and years to come.

A big thank you to SPQwoRk and FabLab SPQwoRq for hosting us and ARRM for having conceived and initiated the conception of this event.

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