Officine Robotiche 2015 is ready to start…

Tomorrow, 23rd May 2015, at 10 a.m. the second edition of the robotics meeting organized by Officine Robotiche is going to start. MyzharBot will be exposed like in the first edition, but this year it will wander around the legs of the expected 300 visitors.

Logo Officine Robotiche

Logo Officine Robotiche

During the two days of meeting a lot of robots of different complexity will be exposed and the people of the group Officine Robotics will take workshops to explain with simply terms the robotics to robotics lovers. I will speak about SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) problem with really simple words, trying to explain why the localization and mapping are really important for the autonomous robots.

The event will also be really amazing because the uNav motor control board, hardly wanted by Officine Robotiche, will be exposed and it will be presented by Raffaello Bonghi and Mauro Soligo in a long and exhaustive workshop. During the workshop Mauro will speak about how the hardware was designed and realized, while Raffaello will explain the firmware, the communication protocol and how the board can be controlled by the C/C++ SDK and the ROS driver node.

Last, but not least important, during the first day there will be competitions of Line Follower little robot, with rich prices offered by and Makeblock.

Officine Robotiche 2015 will be an amazing event… don’t lose it if you are in Rome during the next week end!

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