The guide to configure Nvidia Jetson TK1 has been update

Side view of the NVidia Jetson TK1

The guide to configure the Nvidia Jetson TK1 to get the best performance for MyzharBot and other robotic systems has been updated with the latest tweaks from Jetsonhack Blog. There is also a new tutorial on how to activate the Wifi Access Point. Now you can connect directly to MyzharBot without needing…

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MyzharBot at GTC2015 thanks to Nvidia


Since december 2014 I started a good collaboration with the “NVIDIA Embedded Computing” team to unlock the full potential of Myzharbot. Nvidia is supporting my robotic project with technical guidance, hardware and software support. MyzharBot is now being promoted at official Nvidia events and conference shows and it will be at GTC2015…

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New video: Teleoperation using ROS, Rviz and Interactive Marker Twist Server

Rviz & Interactive Marker Twist Server

In this new video a demonstration of the teleoperation of MyzharBot using the “Interactive Marner Twist Server“, an amazing Rviz tool that allows to send Twist (linear and angular speeds) messages to the “serial_bridge” node  simply dragging a circular marker. The final effect is really good and driving the robot is…

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