[Tutorial] Stereolabs ZED on Nvidia Jetson TK1: the official getting started guide

MyzharBot. Photo by Settorezero

On MyzharBot v4 the Asus Xtion Pro Live RGB-D sensor has been replaced by the Stereolabs ZED stereo camera, in order to overcome the limitations of the Primesense technology in outdoor environment under the direct sunlight. The installation of the ZED camera on the Nvidia Jetson TK1 is really straigthforward as…

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Working on the ROS driver for the StereoLabs ZED camera running on Nvidia Jetson TK1

Zed Stereo Camera by Sterelabs

MyzharBot v3 is closed in a box ready to leave Italy for a trip that I will describe in the near future… MyzharBot v4 is almost ready to move its first steps… but I’m not yet convinced about the central closed structure that will contain all the electronic boards… So it’s…

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RoboBusiness 2015 program

RoboBusiness 2015

As reported in a previous post MyzharBot will be present at RoboBusiness 2015 in Milan on 30th April. MyzharBot will be exposed in the exhibit area in the stand of “Officine Robotiche” with the robot 4UDE made by Raffaello Bonghi. The same day, me and Raffaello will take two talks titled respectively “MyzharBot – ROS powered…

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